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About Us

About Us



Clintal Woodfox, CEO


Envy Fox Couture is an introduction into my world. My name is Clintal Woodfox, CEO of Envy Fox Couture, New Orleans native that has resided in Atlanta for over 20 years. I created the brand to showcase my love and passion for fashion. I've always been a fan of trending fashion and unique styles. I can remember as a little girl admiring the way my parents and others in my family dressed and carried themselves. I grew up around women and men who were the definition of what fashion should look and smell like. They stayed laced to the God's rocking all of the latest hairstyles, trends and fragrances. Like Beyoncé said "They Woke Up Like That". Watching them 365 days a year inspired a fire in me. I decided that I would always look my best and feel my best, but I would also help others do the same.


 That's how Envy Fox Couture became. I started researching and following the latest and hottest styles trending to ensure I could bring that and more to my customers and clients. My goal was to bring quality, trending, fun, sexy and elegant fashion to customers of all ages, genders, and/or socioeconomic statuses. 


Envy The Fox is our men's collection inspired by my husband Mr. Anthony Woodfox, who also has an extreme passion for unique styles and trends. He was also raised in a family that embraced fashion to the fullest. 

We both come from a family of hair stylists, models, barbers, singers, dancers, jazz musicians, rappers, actors and more. You can say we were born to make a positive fashion impact in this world. 

Envy Kids Couture is our fun adorable little bosses line that was inspired by our children when they were babies and now our grandchildren. Our kids line focuses on bringing fun stylish fashion to the world by kids. Little Bosses Create Envy Too!


Our best saying has always been “THE BEST FASHION CREATES ENVY WHEREVER IT’S WORN” If They Ain’t Envious of You, You Ain’t Doing Something Right...


Clintal Woodfox, CEO