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A Customer's Perspective On EnvyFoxCouture

By: :Ashley Leiva Vasquez 0 comments
A Customer's Perspective On EnvyFoxCouture
EnvyFoxCouture is such a stunning boutique with so many different styles of clothes to choose from! There is every piece of clothes you could want and possibly need. They sent me a package and I was amazed. The packaging was beautiful with their logo on top and on the inside their fine slogan “Make Them Envy You”.  It’s so catchy I love it! First thing you see are some goodies, such as some candy, their business cards, and soap. It’s so exciting to open a new package. The clothes are such good quality and look so good on. They shape you so well. The dress I got was called “Mixed Print Glitter   Ruffled Tee Dress” and the colors were so vibrant and the design was so unique! The footwear is also really good quality and is so comfortable! It feels like you’re walking on clouds. In this case, I got sandals (“WeeBoo Chic Radiance Rhinestone T-Strap Sandals”) and they go perfectly with so many outfits! Also, in the package came a shower steamer and a bracelet, so cute and the best final touch! I love accessories and every time I order things online I always have to order some extra stuff. I absolutely adored everything and will be shopping again. Overall, EnvyFoxCouture is one of my favorite boutiques to shop at and will continue to be my favorite. I’m so excited to see what other ideas they come up with in the future. Thank you, EnvyFoxCouture! 


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