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EnvyFoxCouture Review

By: :Ashley Leiva Vasquez 0 comments
EnvyFoxCouture Review

The first impression I got when I opened the package was that it smelled great! I know it’s weird but that was my first thought. I then immediately noticed the little goodies inside of it. The packaging was adorable and with the thank you cards too. The package was very neatly packaged. The shoes package included pink slippers, which was super amazing. The “Weeboo Ready for Takeoff Puff Slides” were unique cloud like slippers that felt like I was walking on soft pillows. The cushioning on the slippers is so comfortable. It is waterproof so it can be used as shower slippers. I personally like using them outside on small errands like getting the mail or throwing out trash, but it can also be worn indoors if I wanted to. The shoes are true to size and a hot pink color. The weight of the slippers is perfect. As for the dress shirt, (“Multicolored Striped Dress Shirt”) it is a very comfortable and cozy fitted dress. It has a zipper in the back and a multicolored sleeve belt around the middle, similar to a Japanese kimono. Its length hits right above mid-thigh. There are buttons running down the middle like a button shirt and made with very good and thick quality fabric. Sleeves are long enough to cover part of my hands. Overall, I will be shopping at EnvyFoxCouture again and get more of their amazing clothes. Loved everything so much!

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